seeing red

For my first ever guest post, the very creative and talented Jenna of Inspired Healthy Organized shares her thoughts on the color red.

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What does the color red mean to you? Like all colors, red can symbolize many things. From passion and love to death or drama, red can have positive or negative connotations. Red evokes many thoughts from the red and ermine robes of royalty and Popes to the red suit worn by Santa Claus. There are candy apple reds, ruby red slippers, and cherry red. Within the broad color of red, there are many shades and subtle meanings.

Red is associated with confidence. Red is a bold color and it takes confidence to wear it. Whether it’s Spanish matadors swinging their red cape brazenly at bulls or a woman with red lipstick, red attracts attention. So it’s no surprise that stop signs are red, stars walk the Red Carpet, and the soles of Christian Louboutin heels are distinctively red. In fact, one of the first colors infants can see is red.

When I think of red, I think of the opera. Classic drama at its best; full of love, passion, and often blood. Whether it’s Carmen or The Marriage of Figaro, the opera is loud, confident and makes a statement. In a more tangible way, red and opera are linked here in Dallas with the very red, very dramatic, Winspear Opera House. A beautiful structure with a red core, the Winspear was intended to be the “heart” of the Dallas Arts District.

With marble floors quarried from the same site as the Vatican’s, an international superstar of an architect, and photo-lens quality glass walls, the Winspear is a marvel. I highly recommend attending an opera (wherever you are) and touring the Winspear Opera House.

What do you associate with red?

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