bow tie invitation tutorial


For the bow tie party that I helped Jenna of Inspired Healthy Organized plan, I designed an invitation that acts as an invitation and envelope in one. For this project, you need black and white cardstock, a bone folder (or other scoring tool), 1 1/2 inch circle punch, gold metallic pen or paint pen, gold paper or large gold circle confetti and reliable paper crafting tape.

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Here are the instructions for each invitation:

1. Cut a 7 3/4″ square piece of black cardstock. Mark the center of the square (at 3 7/8″ from each side) for reference. Starting at one corner of the square, fold the corner over until it touches the center point. Go over the folded edge with the bone folder to create a crisp straight edge.

2. Repeat previous step for each corner to make a square base with four equal flaps.

3. Cut a 3 7/8″ square piece of white cardstock. Cut the square in half along the diagonal to make two triangles. Adhere triangles to opposite flaps as shown in third photo above.

4. Print invitation content on 5 1/4″ white stationary or cardstock. Open flaps and adhere to center.

5. Punch 1 1/2″ gold circle (or use large gold circle confetti). Close flaps and secure gold circle to center with reliable crafting adhesive.

6. Turn invitation over and address  with gold metallic pen or paint pen.


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