the golden state


Last week I had the opportunity to join my parents on a truly spectacular week long vacation in Northern California. We flew into San Francisco and then traveled up the coast along the incredibly scenic Highway 1 and then back down through Napa Valley. Thankfully, we were blessed with amazing weather and barely even saw a cloud in the sky until the morning we left.

So, rather than posting one yellow photo this month, I decided to cheat and instead share just a few photos from my trip to The Golden State (yellow… gold… close enough, right?). It was practically impossible to choose the photos since every single mile revealed breathtaking scenery. Despite previous vacations to San Diego and Pasadena, I have always thought that California was slightly overrated. But, after experiencing the Northern Coast, I am happy to proclaim my opinion forever changed.



One thought on “the golden state

  1. Fantastic pictures! My sister used to live in Northern Calif. and then she moved to Oregon! Such beauty! I am so glad you and your parents got to go on that trip! Now I am wishing I could take a little trip like that myself! 🙂 God Bless! Linda Hogeland

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