green tastes so good

I have always believed that the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter creates the perfect food soul mates. Although those feelings haven’t changed, I have more recently discovered another power couple that now tops my list of favorite savory food combinations – cilantro and lime. Whether these ingredients are used in guacamole, rice bowls, street tacos or just salad dressing, cilantro and lime make many dishes taste so much better.

For this month’s green recipe, I threw all of my favorite green foods into one dish to make cilantro lime avocado jalapeno hummus (aka guacahummus). While I have tried several different recipes for cilantro lime hummus, I found each to be lacking. I think the addition of avocado to this recipe really makes a difference. The jalapeno adds a little bit of spice, but isn’t too hot. And, the finished guacahummus did not brown at all even after sitting in the refrigerator for several days. This recipe is adapted from the one found here.


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