featured photo: tickled pink flamingo


For this month’s featured photo, I am sharing one of my favorite flamingo photos. Although the pose doesn’t show off the flamingo’s beautiful shape, I really like how the varying shades of pink pop against the contrasting green background.

Just for fun…

Why are flamingos pink? I decided to do a little research and found that although the saturation of pink varies depending on species, all flamingos get their color from their diet of mostly algae and crustaceans. Since science was always my worst subject, I will spare you an explanation of the more intricate details of the coloring process. But, you can read more about how flamingos are (or rather look like) what they eat here.

Where did the phrase “tickled pink” originate? My research on this topic was less successful. The obvious response is that it comes from when someone is laughing so hard his or her skin turns pink. Beyond that, internet sources are not very helpful. So, I guess it will remain somewhat of a mystery.


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