From the time I was a pre-teen through my early twenties, I tended to shy away from the color pink. Maybe I subconsciously recognized that pink can indicate girlishness and immaturity. And, heaven knows that I absolutely could not let people think I was young or unsophisticated during those years when I was in fact young, albeit remarkably mature for my age.

Now that I am officially a woman in my thirties, I have fully embraced pink in my life once again. I wear pink clothes and makeup, carry pink handbags, and even display touches of pink in my home decor. And though I am motivated by a simple adoration of the color pink, I was pleased to discover that pink can represent such ideas as romance, hope and compassion. So, girls (or guys, for those brave enough) of all ages can be proud to proclaim their love of pink!

IMG_0736_0795_edited-1To kick off pinkbruary, I am sharing one of my new favorite things – Yves Saint Laurent glossy lip stain. A friend recently recommended this product and I’m really glad that she did (thanks, Ashley!). It has a lightweight non-sticky texture and though the color does fade some over time, it really does stay on for hours.  The lip stain is on the pricey side ($34 at Sephora), but I think it’s worth it in a color you really love. Since I am making a concerted effort to try new things this year, I stepped out of my usual lip color box and bought number 14 Fuchsia Dore which is a fairly bright pink. And, I think the color risk paid off because now it is absolutely my favorite lip color!


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