coming soon: a year in color

Since the two year anniversary of my blog is fast approaching, I have decided that it is time for daisies and damask to get a makeover. In addition to the blog’s new look, I am also introducing a theme for 2014… wait for it… a year in color. Each month, I will be focusing on a different color while exploring topics such as photography, food and recipes, home decor, crafting and even fashion.

Hopefully the concentration will not only help guide my posts, but also bring a little more fun and color into my life and yours. Here’s a hint for my first post in the new series – “pinkbruary”. Subtle, right?

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to a friend of mine for all of the ideas and inspiration she provides on a daily basis. You should check out her awesome blog at Thanks, Jenna! And, please forgive me for using the phrase “shout out” for likely the first time in my life. Really, what was I thinking?


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