weekly photo challenge: up


Having grown up in Kansas, I am definitely used to flat and barren landscapes. Whenever I visit areas of the country with tall trees and forests, I feel like Dorothy waking up in the technicolor Land of Oz. And, no place says “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more” like Washington state. Everything is so lush and green it’s like my real life Emerald City.

I took this photo at the Olympic National Park in Washington last week. As always, I was completely overcome with how beautiful it is there. And, this particular moment marks my favorite of the trip as I looked up and just stood in awe of my ethereal surroundings. Even in the dark forest, the green of the leaves and moss stands out against the vibrant blue of the sky peeking through the trees.

There’s no place like home? I don’t know… Dorothy never visited the Olympic Peninsula.


5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: up

  1. I LOVE this picture, H! It is absolutely breathtaking. Did you take it with a fisheye lens or is the effect from the perspective?

      • Gorgeous! I wish I could have been there–we will definitely have to go again in the future…in a decade when I have free time again! 😜 Lol!

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