weekly photo challenge: lost in the details


With the opening of Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum this week, I knew that I had the perfect venue to find myself lost in the details. Although I don’t consider flowers to be as captivating as say, cuddly panda bears, they can be an interesting challenge for a beginner photographer like myself.

In one respect, it is rather simple to take a pretty photo of a pretty flower. But, it is significantly more problematic to take a great photo of a flower. You have to deal with obstacles such as too much sunlight or shade, wind, and even those pesky insects getting in the way. And, especially with a large aperture setting, I find it difficult to get the focus right.

Even though I took plenty of pretty photos today, I was mostly concerned with finding that one that really drew me in to the details. From a distance, this iris is already a beautiful flower with its vibrant purple color and unique shape. But, it transforms from merely pretty to fascinating when I study the details. I love the curve of the petals and their almost zebra-like pattern. But, I think my favorite thing about this photo is that despite the flaws in the photography and the flower itself, I get lost in the details… in a good way.


2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: lost in the details

    • I would say that it is already spring here in Dallas. If only a few of the beautiful flowers found at the Arboretum would magically appear in my own yard. Unfortunately, I don’t like to get my hands dirty…

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