weekly photo challenge: urban

Although I’m sure you can find them most anywhere, alleys are something that feel distinctly urban. And, they’re just so… creepy. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the suburbs or perhaps I’ve watched too many movies, but I half expect to witness some heinous crime occurring every time I pass one in downtown Dallas. I would absolutely rather go out of my way (even in heels) than ever consider actually walking through an urban alley. Does that make me paranoid? Don’t answer that.

Even though I have strolled by this particular alley almost every day for months, I never noticed the plaque until I was taking photographs this evening. Who knew that you could find a named alley without passing through The Leaky Cauldron first? Historical name or not, you won’t find this muggle exploring “Money Alley” any further lest it become “Take My Money Alley.”


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