weekly photo challenge: friendship

Friendship is a topic that has actually been on my mind a lot lately. It’s something that I definitely took for granted when I was younger, but as an adult has become rather difficult. Since I always relied on school or my youth group to develop friendships organically, I have never really learned how to work at making friends. And, I honestly have never been very skilled at keeping friends long term. I like to think that it’s not because my formerly close friends began hating me (if you disagree, please don’t tell me – I’m better off not knowing), but rather just that time and distance naturally caused us to grow apart. And, once enough time has gone by, I typically lack the confidence to reach out and re-connect with old friends.

I should probably accept that I’ll never be Lily with a Marshall, Ted, Robin and Barney to hang out with every night at the same bar (a “How I Met Your Mother” reference for those of you who are pop culture clueless). But, I’m learning to be okay with that. I am definitely more appreciative of the friends that I have and really enjoy making new ones. And, at least I have my Marshall (aka Charles shown above).  🙂


2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: friendship

  1. Heather
    You will find (like I did with age) that it is not the number of friends that you have but the quality of the friendships that count. Acquaintances come and go but true friends are always there for you. I have friends from school that I have not seen in years but when we do talk it’s like nothing has changed and I know that they would be there for me in a heart beat if needed. Reach out to those true friends and the result will be rewarding. Don’t under estimate yourself, step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be glad you did! Love your photography, it is really impressive.

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