weekly photo challenge: unfocused

I had to break out the DSLR for tonight’s “super moon” event, of course. The conditions were not ideal considering that I live in the middle of Dallas and the sky was pretty hazy this evening. And, I definitely needed a super zoom lens even for the “super moon.” Nevertheless, it did give me a reason to attempt night photography and use manual focus for the first time. I took this photo while still experimenting with the settings, and was surprised by the orange color. Although it is unfocused and dark, I kind of like it…

And, I have to include a better photo that I took of the moon tonight. Despite the lack of precise focus, I was happy with the overall clarity and color.


10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: unfocused

  1. I “shot the moon” last night as well…even with a 300mm lens and a 6.3MP canon 10D AND a tripod, it was really hard to get a clear shot in focus! I think you did a great job! I’ll be blogging my pics later. Out of the dozens I took, I really only got two that were any good. But it makes me excited for future non-super Moons!! 🙂

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