weekly photo challenge: journey

I am a little ashamed to admit that “don’t stop believin” and “any way you want it” were two of the first phrases that came to mind this week. I definitely blame Glee for putting that particular Journey on my radar. Anyway, once I got past the 80s music references, my mind wandered in a more spiritual direction.
I don’t normally use any type of social media to share about my personal beliefs, but I will make an exception this once. The verse underlined in this photo is Isaiah 40:31 and has been my favorite verse for as long as I can remember. Not only is it strikingly poetic in the King James Version, its meaning never fails to convict and comfort me. Giving up control of my life has always been one of my greatest struggles. Instead of taking a step back and seeking guidance, I tend to take a purely rational approach to decision-making that includes the systematic weighing of pros and cons. Thus, Isaiah 40:31 serves as a much needed reminder that I am stronger when I pause my journey to wait on the Lord rather than forging ahead on my own.


One thought on “weekly photo challenge: journey

  1. Fantastic! This is definitely one of my favorite verses. I like your post here. We need this reminder every single day or maybe hour … or actually minute. (At least I do anyway … LOL!) 😀

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