weekly photo challenge: through

Well, I am feeling extremely dejected right now. After spending 2 hours composing my lengthiest post yet, I just managed to accidentally delete everything I had written. Instead of attempting to re-create my original post, I will just make this short and sweet…

As I have said before, my digital SLR camera is the greatest thing I never knew I had to have. And, out of all the things it can do, my favorite feature is the ability to alter depth of field. For example, for this photo, I was able to focus on the building, effectively shooting “through” the gate. Since you generally cannot create this effect with a point-and-shoot camera, I predict that I’ll be keeping a DSLR close by from now on. On an unrelated topic, I am most definitely through with relying on the “save draft” button to actually save the correct draft. Good night and good riddance.


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