weekly photo challenge: unusual

Dallas Adolphus Hotel

Generally, I tend to be rather unobservant of objects around me. As Charles likes to point out, yes, I can drive by a building every day for years without even noticing its existence. In my defense, isn’t it preferable to pay attention to say, the road, rather than insignificant landmarks?

Even though I will never be a Shawn Spencer, I have actually noticed the unusual architecture of the hotel connected to the building I work in (and, if you don’t understand that reference, I urge you to begin watching “Psych” Season 1 on Netflix the moment you finish reading this post). The European style of the exterior stands out among the rather plain buildings surrounding it. I haven’t ventured inside yet, so maybe a future photo challenge will feature the hotel’s interior.

Adolphus Hotel Dallas (bonus photo)


One thought on “weekly photo challenge: unusual

  1. We are Psych viewers. Bruce also says that I am not observant but I don’t always observe what he does~two points of view are great.

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