weekly photo challenge: contrast

As I tried to come up with an idea for this week’s photo challenge, I felt a little overwhelmed. Of course, my mind automatically jumped to obvious contrasts – light vs. dark, black vs. white, new vs. old. But, then I started thinking about contrasts in textures, tastes, ideals, personalities, etc., and the possibilities seemed endless. However, since time seems to fly since I started working again, I put off actually taking any photos until this evening. Thus, my photo opportunities were pretty much limited to what I could find around my apartment complex. Note to self – work on photo challenges on the weekend instead of procrastinating until the last minute.

Since I am not particularly thrilled with either of the photos I came up with, I decided that I might as well share both. I thought the first photo would speak for itself, but Charles disagreed. So, in case you can’t tell, the photo contrasts the new, crisp Spring leaves and blooms with the ugly, dead leaves that are still hanging on.

To me, the iPhone vs. phone books photo contrasts the modern and the obsolete. When I found the phone books piled up in the mail room, I couldn’t help but think, “they still print those things?”  And, clearly, most residents of our complex agree since it appears that only a handful have disappeared in the last few days.

The interesting thing about contrast is that it’s really all a matter of perspective. A mere fifteen years ago, I would have photographed the phone books stacked up next to our clunky desktop computer with its slow dial up connection. Not too long before that I would have needed a telephone next to a couple of cans and a string to even be on topic. And, who knows what I’ll be able to contrast an obsolete iPhone with in another fifteen years. What could be more amazing than an iPhone? Food for thought, I know.


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