back to the grind

It's amazing how easy it is to edit the photo to black & white!

The past week feels like a blur, probably because I got home from Wichita on Monday evening and started a new job (temporary legal work) Tuesday morning.  I have to say that getting up early and going to work again is significantly more difficult than adjusting to taking time off.  No surprise there, huh?  So, I haven’t really done much of interest this week.  But, since I have vowed to keep trying new things and posting even when I don’t have much to say, here you go.  As I am watching The Oscars this evening (congratulations to Octavia Spencer, by the way), I started playing with Photoshop Elements.  Having never used Photoshop, I am sticking to the basics right now.  But, I can already tell that I will have fun with some of the more entertaining editing tools.  If you have any Photoshop tricks or advice, feel free to comment below.  With that, I am signing off for the night.  If I’m going to get up at 5:30, I think it’s already past my bedtime!


2 thoughts on “back to the grind

  1. I love the way the zebras were posing for you. Keep on trying new things, you are inspiring your old Mom to get out there and look for new opportunities.

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