weekly photo challenge: down

My interpretation of this week’s theme may be too simple, but when I look down I usually see my shadow… also known as Sophie.  And, I have to take advantage of any opportunity to talk about Her Cuteness.

Lately, Sophie has decided that the way to convince me to feed her is to sit right in front of me and look up and stare.  She doesn’t make a sound and barely moves a muscle or even blinks.  This particular method is rather lacking in creativity, but happens to be sort of brilliant in all its simplicity.  If she barked at me or pawed at her food bowl, I would probably get annoyed and withhold her food (for at least a few minutes) out of spite.  But, when I look down into her sweet face gazing up at me so expectantly, I can’t help but grant her every wish.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Deep down, I think I have always known that Sophie was an evil genius posing as a lovable ball of fur.


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