future heather take note

First of all, don’t worry.  I’m sure this is the only time I’ll post three times in one week.  But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say something about my 29th birthday.  Last year, two of my close friends turned 30 and I started thinking about how it would be my turn before long.  Since then, I have put together a list of specific goals I want to accomplish by my 30th birthday.  The idea is that assuming I’ve accomplished those goals by then, I will legitimately have a reason to celebrate on that otherwise dreaded birthday.

In theory, I think it’s a pretty solid plan.  But, let’s be honest… what are the chances that I’ll achieve my goals?  Who actually sticks to their New Year’s resolutions?  So, today, with my official 365 day countdown beginning, I think I’ll just ask this question – what is worse?  Not reaching all of my goals to perfection or not setting any to begin with?

In a surprising twist, I’m choosing to go with the “glass half full” approach.  If one year from today I can say that my life has improved because of working toward those goals, then I think there is a reason to celebrate.  So, future Heather take note.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  You can’t expect things to work out exactly like you wanted.  But, you can be happy about the positive change you’ve created in your life.

On a lighter note, Charles and I tried Bread Winners Bakery for brunch today.  I am happy to say that the french toast was perfectly fluffy.  And, the slice of Strawberries & Cream cake that I brought home was really delicious.  Happy birthday to me! 🙂


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