you just never know

I can say with all honestly that I have spent my life thus far with a negative interest in photography (no pun intended).  Not only have I lacked interest in the artistic aspects of photography, I have just never enjoyed taking photos… at all.  If it weren’t for friends buying double prints (you know who you are Ashleigh and Lauren), I don’t think I would have a single photo from college or law school.  So, no one is more surprised than me that I suddenly find myself attracted to the idea of improving my photography skills.  I guess you just never know.

A week and a half ago, Charles convinced me to buy a digital SLR camera.  It was a spur of the moment decision, but I have already deemed it the best thing I never knew I had to have.  Considering the fact that two weeks ago I didn’t even know that aperture was a camera term, I am clearly a beginner.  So, for all of you more experienced photographers out there, please don’t judge my amateurish efforts.

Here are a couple of pictures from my first photo excursion – to the Fort Worth Zoo…




One thought on “you just never know

  1. Wonderful pics! Now I definitely want to visit the zoo when I visit. The last picture of the gorilla…aww he looks so sad though.

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